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BFYT: Southwell’s Zebra


Last week attorneys general from seven states filed suit against health insurance telemarketers who allegedly made at least 1 billion illegal robocalls using fake numbers that included messages falsely claiming to be affiliated with large insurance companies. FCC documents lead us to conclude that a significant portion of these robocalls were used to generate “leads” for brokers within BFYT’s network to sell policies to unsuspecting consumers. Read More

INMD: Don’t Get Your Face Burned Off


We are short InMode (NASDAQ: INMD). We believe the company’s promotional narrative is premised on falsehoods and that management has simply not been honest with investors or patients about the safety of its purportedly revolutionary aesthetic machines. Read More

Canaan Fodder


We view CAN as the latest US-listed Chinese company to have deceived investors about its business. Our investigation of this bitcoin mining machine maker reveals undisclosed related party transactions, irregularities involving many customers and distributors, as well as a business model that we view as broken.  Read More

NBIX: The Tiger’s Stripes


We are short Neurocrine Biosciences (NASDAQ: NBIX).  We see distinct risks that the company’s sales growth is fueled by the same type of kickback scheme that recently devastated Avanir Pharmaceuticals. Read More

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